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​​​​​​​​Major Functions​

The followings are the major functions of Revenue.

  1. Supervises revenue work of Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners and other Officers/Courts in the province
  2. Member (Revenue) is the highest court of appeal and revision in revenue cases in the province
  3. Classes of Revenue Officers/Courts
  4. Is responsible for recovery of Government Dues/Agricultural Income Tax, Land Revenue, Water Rate, Ushr, Mutation Fees, Stamp Duty, Registration Fee, Copying Fee, Arrears relating to Banks, Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan and Cooperative Societies
  5. Frames Laws/Rules/Policies relating to the revenue matters
  6. Provides guidelines for maintenance and updating of Record of Rights, Periodical Record for use of the Right-holders/Revenue Department
  7. Notifies new administrative units such as divisions, districts, sub-divisions and Kanungo/Patwar Circles
  8. Deals with all service matters relating to revenue staff