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Land Acquisition

The Revenue Department also deals with the land acquisition matters. The power to take the private property of individuals for public purposes is regulated by the LAND ACQUISITION ACT, 1894. Salient features of the said Act/Steps for acquisition are :

  1. Government shows its intention to acquire specific piece of land for a public purpose or for a company through publication of notification in the official gazette and invites objections against notification
  2. After marking and measurement of the land to be acquired, notices are issued to persons having rights/interests in the land inviting claims from them for compensation
  3. Before possession of land is taken, award of compensation for the owners is announced by the Collector after necessary enquiries
  4. Compensation for acquired land is determined at its market value plus 15% in consideration of compulsory nature of the acquisition for public purposes and 25% for a company
  5. A reference can be made by the Collector to Civil Court where any person affected by land acquisition has not accepted the award by given the Collector
  6. In case of urgency, Commissioner can make a declaration U/S 17(4)(6) directing the Collector to take possession of the land needed for a public purpose before award of compensation​